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Suitable for ages 5+

Mindfulness Colouring with Affirmations for Kids and Adults (104 pages)

Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations For Kids and Adults

With a positive mindset and a healthy self-esteem, anything is possible! Mindfulness colouring with affirmations for kids and adults promotes positive thinking and self-belief and provides the perfect opportunity to connect with children more in the present moment. Kylie invites you to indulge in a wonderful daily habit together with kids, to mindfully “colour your future with confidence”. You will share instant feelings of gratitude, positivity, love and connection while practising mindfulness and noticing the difference this brings to your day.

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Mindfulness is a key tool that can be used to create the gentle and accepting kind of awareness that bonds a parent and child together. This beautiful book, with affirmations for both adults and kids, will bring peace and colour into your family home. Enjoy!

We love each page because not only does it have a gorgeous illustration to colour but it’s also got a positive affirmation to go with it, which brings about instant feelings of gratitude, positivity, love and connection.

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About Kylie Johnson

Welcome and thank you for visiting! Having combined the things I love, I invite you to immerse yourself in my happy place, “Creativity and Positivity for Children and Adults”.

I am passionate about creating art and books that will inspire adults and children to live more mindfully and to practise living more in the present moment. My first book was created to help both kids and adults to unwind, relax and connect with each other while using the combination of creativity and positivity as a daily mindfulness tool.


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Research shows that colouring is a proven way to de-stress, unwind and relax while improving focus, memory and general wellbeing.

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