Welcome and thank you for visiting!  Having combined the things I’m passionate about – Designing & Painting Art + Positive Psychology.   My passion and purpose evolved into designing creative resources to assist all ages mental health and wellbeing.

“I have specifically created these resources for parents, grandparents and educators to share special moments with children.  These resources can be used as tools to teach children an important Life Skillset and Positive Mindset earlier on in life.”



My first book was created to help both kids and adults to unwind, relax and connect with each other while using the combination of creativity and positivity as a daily mindfulness tool.

This book was born through my own healing journey and inspired by the late Louise Hay – founder of Hay House Publishing.    While navigating through the loss of my marriage and my mother passing at the same time, I found that painting art and nurturing a positive mindset helped me with stress and depression and placed me on the path to healing.   Through my own experiences and research into the psychology behind a person’s childhood and the subconsciously programmed “comments” we carry into our adult years,  I realised that the power of thoughts had guided me to good and bad experiences.  Having followed my dreams as a model over seas with no fear only passion.    I  also understand the power of my self-talk and (inner-critic) that later effected my self-worth and confidence.    I see how “comments” from our childhood have impact and can carry into our adult years as repeated patterns of unhelpful behaviour.

After much research, studies and reflection since becoming a single mum I couldn’t help but want to create ways to help children NOT take the same turns.

With each area of my business – workshops, books, affirmation cards, art prints, lesson plans.  They all come with the same aim and purpose:

“What you give you generally get back”   “What you think you become”.  “Where attention goes energy flows”.  “Creativity heals – Art is therapy”    “We were all born creative”.

Self-worth & self-belief are up to you!

My wish is that children really understand that every “super power”  they embrace impacts their “feelings” and “experiences” on a daily basis along with every “thought they think and word they speak” is ultimately creating their life path.

Parents, teachers and carers are the ones that influence a child’s life.  So thank you for your support in helping to empower our next mindful generation with the self-awareness we wish we had growing up!

With much love and gratitude,