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Back to School Growth Mindset Kit

$100.00 $80.00
  • 104 pages of mindfulness colouring with affirmations Paper back book.
  • 47 colouring card deck with affirmations.
  • 40 super power affirmations card deck.
  • 1 FREE Downloadable Growth Mindset Poster.

Value $100

Save $20

Ways to use these cards:

  • Practise the important language of positive self-talk. (A growth mindset)
  • Reconnect and share moments with children. Use all resources as a conversation starter instilling an important life skill set & values.
  • Place a surprise card in lunch boxes or a bedside.
  • use each chosen card as a focus for the day, week month.

Each Super Power card has been designed to nurture a positive mindset & grow confidence, self-worth & self-esteem.  All cards & affirmations are a great conversation starter and a gentle way to point out strengths or nurture weaknesses.

The Colouring cards & book are a great way to reconnect in the present with children.  Sharing moments to get creative, calm the mind & have more constructive conversations whilst in a peaceful state of mind.  Mindfulness & Creativity assists with stress, anxiety & depression.

Mindfulness Colouring Cards with Affirmations


Mindfulness Colouring Cards with Affirmations

Peace & Positivity for kids and adults


Suitable for ALL ages

Card size (Size 9 x 12.5cm)

Purchase the boxed set receive the Digital Downloadable Set FREE!


This keepsake pretty little box of cards makes the perfect gift and “screen free solution”.  Bring this portable little box of positivity with you where ever you go.   Fits perfectly into hand bags and can be used as your “go to” entertainment tool for your loved ones.


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Super Power Affirmation Cards


Super Power Affirmations Cards

These cards are designed to bring awareness to our qualities that magically come from within!  Better known as our “Super Powers.”

The idea is that when we are aware of our own Super Powers we can choose to tap into them and use them on a daily basis.

Warning:  these SUPER POWERS can be contagious!  WHAT YOU GIVE – YOU GENERALLY GET BACK!   When using each power you begin to notice more positive responses around you.

With Bullying and unkindness impacting so many school children along with the repercussions of social media, these cards will help ignite feelings of confidence, hope, self-belief and gratitude which is proven to increase a healthier self-esteem.

These cards have been created to share special moments with children.  As a daily ritual and conversation starter!   Along with gentle reminders to us adults to live mindfully.     Use each card to empower our next generation with the right values and skillset and practise a Positive Growth Mindset earlier on in life!

Card size (Size 9 x 12.5cm) .

Receive a downloadable Growth Mindset Poster FREE!

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The Affirmations Art Poster Gift Pack

$60.00 $40.00

Save $20

Bundle includes:

  • Friendship Affirmation Poster
  • Gratitude Affirmation Poster
  • Creativity Affirmation Poster

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The Art Prints Gift Pack

$75.00 $60.00

Save $15

Bundle includes the following 3 x A4 Art Prints:

  • I am beautifully unique
  • I am loved
  • My dreams are coming true

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The family connection Gift Pack

$85.00 $70.00

Save $15

Bundle includes:

  • Colouring cards (boxed)
  • Super power cards (boxed)
  • Mindfulness colouring ebook (16 pages mini version) (downloadable)
  • 1 print “family rules” (downloadable)